1.) Disclaimers should be clearly displayed on the initial landing page, as well as, if necessary shown on the same page as the point of purchase.

2.) Disclaimers must not contain surplus content intended to encourage consumers to avoid reading the information. All numbers within a disclaimer including monetary values must be shown in a numerical format

3.) The font colour of a disclaimer must be contrasting to the rest of the webpage, and must be an appropriate font size in comparison to the webpage. A user should not be strained to read the terms due to size or colour.

4.) The disclaimer must contain the following:

  • The terms and conditions of the offer.
  • The fact that automatic shipment of the product will be made without further action by the consumer;
  • A description of the product included in each shipment;
  • The approximate interval between each shipment;
  • A description of the billing procedure, including the total cost to be charged to the consumer's credit card each month;
  • The minimum number of purchases required, if any;